Follow your own Path

Hello Fellas, have you ever had that inner feeling of wanting to change something and spreading your creativity?

wearing: Urban Outfitters Pants, red Shirt from Asos, grey Coat from Native-youth and last but not least trainers by Alexander McQueen.

I’ve noticed that certain people are blinded by others and therefore tend to do what the majority does in order to fit in with those that seek recognition. I think it’s a pity as you’ll start comparing yourself, your outfits and your wardrobe to others. Some day you won’t stand out anymore because you tend to follow the crowd. On social media, fashion and lifestyle is moving in one direction: money plays an important role. You have to invest more and more in order to be able to compete. Participating in various events, presenting expensive items to show off and traveling a lot to capture photos.

Such things are pretty cool and really enjoyable. Anyone who’s able to live in accordance to this lifestyle should do so, but it puts enormous pressure on those who don’t have all these resources to follow this standard. Everyone should definitely work on themselves and towards goals

that are important to them. At the end of the day, we all have different capacities and priorities.

You should always be happy within yourself; not constantly look at others and compare yourself to them. In this way you only restrict your own growth. You should also remember that Instagram and all these other platforms are not reality. There are more important things that count in life.


Autor: reyspictures

Hey Guys, my name is Reynold otherwise known as Rey. I am a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger from Germany. You can ask me everything what you want don't be shy to contact me. :)

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