Can’t wait for Spring with Urbanclassics x mistertee clothing

The weather has started to improve, which means lighter clothes are becoming more trendy. I want to show you some of my favourite outfits for the upcoming season.

My oversized jeans jacket is from Urbanclassics. Urbanclassics is known as a fashionable yet affordable basic brand. What I personally love about Urbanclassics is that they offer great quality clothing within very fair price range. I’ve combined my jacket with some casual pants and my favorite kicks at the moment: Balenciaga Speed trainers. 

My second outfit is very simple, you can easily make plenty of combinations with this look. All you need is a rain jacket, black T-shirt, grey or black pants and a pair of sneakers by Vans.

Why do I love this look so much? As the weather during spring is so unpredictable, you are prepared for the best and the worst.

Another good thing about this look is that it doesn’t cost you the world. There are cheap but also expensive options.



In cooperation with Urbanclassic and Mistertee Clothing.


Autumn/Winter 2017: The best Winter Jackets of this season

The winter must not be always dreary. Even if the weather is getting uncomfortable and cold it doesn’t mean you have to change your fashion attitude up to “Survival-Mode” and give a damn about your style! No, quite the reverse. The range of Jackets and coats seems to be very big this season. For example the 90s, down jackets can celebrate they comeback, because of the big street wear- popularity even the label North face upgraded the jacket this year. Anyway, the coats are like the last year still very trendy. So everybody who is still looking for winter jackets will not be disappointed and can slay in winter.

Strong and Quality Winter Jackets costs around 250€. Who think to invest in cheap jackets, will notice after a few months at the latest that quality is really important. Avoid broken zipper or bursted seams. Stay warm and comfortable with quality.

Scroll down for inspiration.










Look 2: Casual Fit in a room full of Arts

You know how it goes: the weekend comes to an end, the alarm goes on, Monday returns to ruin our lives more. This time around, I threw a comfortable combination of to start the day. Scroll down to see how it all turned out.

Sick test 1_

wearing: basic sweater from Amazon color Orange, combined with my trousers from Zara, some simple socks from Fila and last but not least Nike Air max 97 Silver bullet sneakers.

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Sick test 1_


This is just a basic Outfit for the week. If Orange is not your “Favorite“ color you can  also replace the sweatshirt with something similar, for example a yellow or blue hoodie. Why multicolored clothes? Because wearing always black is getting boring and for this season “Autumn“ i prefer colorful clothes like brown, Bordeaux, beige and more.

Let me know what you think and leave a comment if you have any questions.




Look 1: A Good Look for autumn

Hey Guys,

As the temperatures get colder, it’s about time to put out your autumn and winter outfits.

A perfect outfit for fall is conducted out of a silver coat like the one I’m wearing in my pictures, combined with a striped sweater, cropped Jeans and some Dr. Martens. A coat can be also combined with Chelsea boots or other shoes, but I prefer Dr. Martens because they fit perfectly with cropped trousers.

If you are not a fan of the silver color, there are many alternative colors you can choose from. For example beige is a very cool color that’s also perfect for autumn.

I am wearing a striped sweater but you can also rock a normal sweater to this outfit. 

To shop my look just scroll to the end of this article.

I hope that this outfit gives you a little bit inspiration for your wardrobe. 

Leave a comment with your questions or anything you want to know 🙂 







Cropped Jeans


Dr Martens